Solderless Pi Zero Headers

A while back, I got my hands on an interesting little gadget from Pimoroni – a solderless GPIO header for the Raspberry Pi Zero. If you’re working on a Pi Zero project that requires some GPIO headers and you’re not that confident in your soldering skills, this product is perfect for you!

There are two versions of the headers – one with a jig and one without. If you already have the jig, you obviously don’t need to buy another. But if this is your first time purchasing the headers, you’ll need to make sure you get the jig too.

The headers themselves are special made. They have a very precisely flared end that, when inserted into the Pi Zero, locks them into place and provide contacts to the GPIO solder pads.

“How do you actually get the pin headers into the Pi Zero?”, you ask. With the jig and some gently applied brute force.

The first thing is to insert the Pi Zero into the jig…

…Then you lay the pin headers into their holes…

…You then you place the hammer bar on top of the pin headers…

…Why do I call it the hammer bar? Because you then break out your hammer and rap it up and down the pin header bar until the header is completely and entirely seated.

Yes, that’s right – a hammer. Don’t go crazy with it, though. Be gentle. If you find that a delicate touch isn’t that effective, slowly increase the amount of force you use. And don’t hammer in one spot. Each rap should be in a different spot. Otherwise you risk damaging the pin header, or even the Pi Zero.

Once you’re finished, the pin header should be flush with the board.

Pretty neat, eh?

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