Shane's R2 Build Log

Body: Coin Slots

Attaching the Worr coin slots was pretty straightforward.

The coin slots come with 6 small mounting holes predrilled into it. I have no idea what size screw they're drilled for, but they're tiny.

I slid the coin slots into the inner skin and marked off the skin drill locations. I removed the coin slots and followed that up with using a center punch to re-mark the drill locations.

The smallest screws I had on-hand with nuts were #4-40". So I put the coin slots in my drill press and opened up the holes a little bit with an 1/8" bit. With the same 1/8" bit I drilled out the holes in the skins.

I then countersunk the holes on the front so that the heads of the screws wouldn't get in the way of attaching the outer skins later.

Using a set of #4-40 1/2" screws and nuts, I then attached the coin slots to the skins.