Shane's R2 Build Log

Body: Side & Pocket Vents

Attaching the side and pocket vents seemed pretty simple at first - sandwich the skins between the vent panels, screw panels together, and done. However, it wasn't as simple as that.

The problem is that the vent panels don't provide enough friction/pressure against the skins to stay in place. So even if I got the vents where I liked them, they wouldn't stay there. Also, the produced a SIGNIFICANT amount of rattle with the slightest jostling.

How I decided to solve this was with weather stripping. I picked up a package of medium sized weather stripping from Home Depot.

For the pocket vents, I applied a strip along the bottom of the pocket and 4 little strips on the back panel's tabs.


With the weatherstripping, the pocket vents do not budge and there's no rattle.