Shane's R2 Build Log

Completing the Battery Boxes

Attaching the Battery Box to the Foot Shell

The Worr foot shells come pre-slotted for battery boxes. All that I really needed to do was drill and thread some screws in the battery boxes to mount them. I centered my boxes on the feet and created reference markings for drilling. I then took CAREFUL measurements for the hole locations and created a drilling template in Illustrator.

I drilled and tapped holes for #10-32 machine screws. The screws will slot into the foot shells and hold the boxes on.

I found tapping a #10-32 thread into the thin battery box shell to be quite the challenge. I'm not actually convinced of the long-term durability of this. I may add some nuts to add some extra support within the battery box.

Attaching the Battery Harnesses

The battery boxes that I purchased from MM Prop Fabrications were built to the CS:R ANH spec. However, the inside length where the battery harnesses would be seated actually comes up a little short. The battery harnesses measure 5 23/32" in length, while my battery boxes only accommodate harness 5 5/8" in length. So the first thing I needed to do was trim down the harnesses a bit.

I used my miter saw to trim off a bit to get the harnesses close to 5 5/8" and then used some sandpaper to grind them down for a snug fit.

I got in a bit of a rush at one point and took the saw too fast. I ended up obliterating one of my harnesses, which meant I needed to order a new set. *sigh*

I then measured and drilled for #6 machine screws using a 9/64" bit in both the battery box and the battery harness. On the harness, I also countersunk the holes for the screws.

I attached the harness to the battery boxes using 1 in. #6-32 machine screws, washers, and nuts.

The caps I'll mostly certainly silicon into place once everything is painted. Until then, I'm just using double-sided tape to hold things in place. Incidentally, I tried using magnets for this purpose. But the screw heads just didn't have enough surface area to grab onto.

Attaching Hose Fittings

The knurled hose fittings are threaded for 5/8-18. I picked nuts up for these at Home Depot.

Final Assembly