Shane's R2 Build Log

Outer Ankle Wedges, Cylinders, & Cylinder Holders

Before installing the cylinder holders, I installed the ankle wedges and cylinders exactly like I did for the middle ankle. I won't go into detail what I did there since you can just read the log for that. The big difference with the outer ankles is the cylinder holders.

Once I was satisfied with the installation of the wedges and cylinders, I used them as references to position the cylinder holders. With my fingers, I slid thumb tacks down into the ankles in order to mark off drill locations. I then removed the wedges and cylinders to make installation of the cylinder holders easier.

I removed the cylinder holders, double-checked the measurements for the screw locations, and adjusted as necessary. Using a center punch, I made the starter holes for the drill.

I then drilled and tapped holes for 10-24 1/2" screws.

I then installed everything from the bottom up - cylinder holders first, then cylinders, then wedges.

And that was it! Easy peasy.