Shane's R2 Build Log

Under the Shoulder Details

I currently have a set of resin under-the-shoulder details from Keith Henry installed on my R2. The visible parts of these pieces were nice clean, but the backs needed a little work.

I sanded all of the rough spots on the backs down using 150 grit sand paper. They didn't need to be pretty. Just flat. I then needed to drill holes into them so that I could mount them to the legs.

To get the hole position and angle correct, I positioned the details onto the legs where I liked them and then traced a leg-line down the side for the angle/orientation. I also used a felt-tipped marker to mark a rough location for where I wanted the hole to be for the mounting screw.

Getting the orientation and the position for the screw hole was a bit of a challenge. I goofed the angle on a couple of pieces. I'll need to figure out how to fix those at some point. But they don't stand out. And they're not bad enough to slow my build down.

I used a drill press to drill out the holes and then tapped them for #10-24 screws. screws.

I used a round head, 1/2" #10-24 screw to mount the details to the legs. The round screws were important because the only way for me to get a screw driver into that part of the leg is through the side. The round heads made it easier to negotiate from the side. I'm not sure it mattered that these were Phillip's head vs. a slotted screw. They probably work equally well.