Early Fall Flight at the Portland Head Light

We had a work outing at the Portland Head Light last week. It’d been a while since I’d ventured out there. Since LAANC had just been rolled out in our area, it was the perfect opportunity for me to give it a whirl and try to get some nice aerial video of the lighthouse.

It wasn’t exactly a beautiful day. It rained most of the morning and was quite chilly until the afternoon. But I waited it out and did what I could. Here is the video from the day…

Incidentally, the LAANC side of the things was FANTASTIC! I used Skyward.io’s service and it was super painless. Within Skyward, you setup a flight plan by drawing the boundaries of where you’re going to fly on the map, give the application a date/time, and a promise you’ll adhere by the rules. Once you hit the submit button, the authorization comes INSTANTLY. Skyward provides you with a nice little PDF to print out. Way less intimidating than the COA process I once attempted.