Review: C4Labs’ Pi Borg Plus Enclosure

A few months ago, I picked up one of C4Labs’ Pi Borg Plus enclosures. And it’s since just been sitting in a box unopened, waiting for another RaspPi project to come along. Over the holiday weekend, I had the opportunity to dig it out and put it to use.

The Pi Borg Plus is a traditional “pack o’ cigarettes” form-factor RaspPi case. But as you can see from the photo below, it really differentiates itself in style.

The enclosure is made out of Philippine mahogany plywood, which is stained in two different shades and sandwiched together to form three layers that really create an almost organic steampunk look and feel.

The whole thing goes together pretty easily and is just as easy to disassemble should the need arise.


  • Very nice to look at
  • Provides good air circulation
  • Easy to assemble (4 pieces)
  • Provides access to commonly used ports (including MicroSD card slot)
  • Rubber feet to protect furniture
  • Works with Raspberry Pi B+, 2B, and 3


  • Price ($19.50 at the time of this writing
  • GPIO and camera connector inaccessible

It’s a great enclosure for the Pi on-the-go. If you can get past the price, I definitely recommend giving this a try for your next project.

(Note: If you go looking for the assembly instructions in the “Build” section of C4Labs’ site, for whatever reason the enclosure is called the Nucleus there.)

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